Bluebeam Extreme Awards

Submit a project, person or process for the ultimate recognition at Bluebeam Extreme Conference.

The Bluebeam Extreme Awards recognize people, processes and projects that are leveraging Bluebeam solutions to drive innovation forward and shape the future of the built environment. Submissions for a Bluebeam Extreme Award is now closed. 

Bluebeam Champion

Is there someone in your company or on your project team who is always the go-to Bluebeam pro? Are they the first person to get really excited about a new Bluebeam initiative and can’t wait to tell the rest of the office or the jobsite? This award recognizes someone who not only acts as the Revu Wizard and an ambassador to all things Bluebeam, but also inspires as a connector and teacher. A Bluebeam Champion enjoys sharing their knowledge and is excited by the concept of learning from and collaborating with other colleagues, disciplines and companies across an area or project team.

Innovator of the Year

This award recognizes an industry professional who pushes boundaries and thrives on developing new, unique solutions to make a process, workflow and/or technology more efficient and valuable. Is there someone in your office or on your jobsite who pushes the industry forward because of their passion to innovate and improve? This category highlights the change agents of the industry who are driven to innovate toward a better way to build.

Project Categories

Each year, architecture, engineering and construction companies deliver creative and cutting-edge projects around the world. The Bluebeam Extreme Awards provide a platform to recognize projects at the forefront of innovation and technology. Projects that are exceeding client expectations, meeting increased demands, and achieving real results (e.g. time and cost savings) through the use of Bluebeam solutions.  Submit your project for an opportunity to be recognized. All projects are welcome regardless of project size or budget.

Company Categories

  • Best Internal Training Program

Whether you have an office of 10 people or work for a company with thousands of employees dispersed across offices, it’s important to ensure that your team is trained on the tools, processes and workflows that meet your organization’s standards. This award recognizes companies that are developing and implementing creative, effective and on-going training programs to educate staff on Bluebeam® Revu® within their enterprise.

  • Best Academic Partnership

Is your company focused on student mentorship, internship programs, curriculum development, or faculty engagement? Are you serving on industry advisory boards or sponsoring scholarships, and collaborating with AEC student organizations like ASC, AIAS, or ASCE? This award recognizes companies that are partnering with academia in unique and innovative ways.

  • Most Advanced Use of Revu

Have you developed a complex process or customized tool in Revu? Are you so deep into the software that you’ve incorporated scripting, tagging, signatures, 3D or other advanced features into your workflows? Are you using the Studio API to push efficiency? This award recognizes the most complex, sophisticated, cutting-edge applications of Bluebeam solutions.

  • Most Comprehensive Use of Revu

Have you discovered the extraordinary flexibility and versatility of Revu? Have you been pushing it to the very limits and using it across the entire project lifecycle, for things as wide-ranging as design reviews, shop drawing reviews, takeoffs, document management and control, punchlists, billing, project closeout, facility management? This award recognizes power-users who are getting the maximum functionality out of Revu.

2016 Bluebeam eXtreme Award Winners


Bluebeam Extreme Conference (XCON) is our immersive multi-day conference that draws technical professionals from the top architecture, engineering and construction firms seeking to increase productivity, minimize risk and create workflow standards across their projects and organizations. With a robust offering of product training, industry panels and presentations, peer learning and networking opportunities, XCON is the signature event for thought leadership and industry connections.

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