Call for Presentations

Presenting at XCON 2022 is the perfect opportunity to share knowledge and inspire hundreds of your peers, all while gaining valuable recognition for your company.

Presentation Categories

Business Transformation

Successfully boosted your bottom line with digital construction tech? Tell us how you’ve leveraged solutions like Bluebeam® to make your organization more efficient and profitable.

Industry Trends

Have you successfully implemented new technology across your organization? How are you innovating in the field? Share your insights into the future of digital construction.


Got an idea for an engaging, thought-provoking discussion topic? Interested in having a public dialogue with your colleagues and inspiring others? Let us know!

Tools and Features

Are your tool sets a work of art? Do teammates refer to you as “Master of the Markups List”? Tell us about the tools and features you use to get more done in Bluebeam.


Walk us through your daily workflows. Whether it’s takeoffs, RFIs, submittals or something else—what do you do to digitally get the job done faster?

Your Own Idea

Do you have a unique topic or story that you think would be valuable to share at XCON? Pitch us your concept.

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