Is your team rolling out Bluebeam Revu for the first time? Are you onboarding new team members and need them to adopt the solution quickly? In this session we’ll guide you through the steps to help set up Bluebeam Revu so your team will be set up for success right off the bat. From the interface all the way to team specific profiles.
First, we’ll cover the user interface and the options you have to configure the interface. Ken Phelps will show you how to make a custom toolbar and adjust the display of your side panels, so they show what you need, where you need it. Next, we’ll cover how to create custom tools for the team to utilize in their review process. You’ll learn how to make a custom Tool Set, add specifically defined tools you’ve made to that Tool Set and how to share them with the rest of the team.
But that’s not all. We’ll show how to to create custom columns for your tool chest and create specific status wrokflows for your team. So everyone is always in the know on what’s happening.
To wrap it up we’ll discuss how to combine your tool sets and settings in a custom Profile that can be used to easily share everything (custom toolbars, UI configuration and even the entire Tool Chest) with the team quickly and effectively.



Ken Phelps, US CAD

August 24 @ 13:30
13:30 — 16:15 (2h 45′)