Many cities and municipalities require third-party authenticated digital signatures on all submittals. They have some general laws and guidelines for preparing documents for submittal, but since this process is relatively new and not consistently enforced, this presentation explains the process and demonstrates a concise and consistent set of methods for digitally signing submittals properly. Submittal markups can be flattened before being signed, and shop drawing stamps and official seals can be included in digital signatures. Ari Rejtman, a Bluebeam Certified Instructor at Digital Drafting Systems, will cover the necessary steps for properly preparing documents for submittal with digital signatures. He’s worked with many municipalities and trained them in the procedure for sending and receiving documents. He will explain the differences between a digital signature, document certification, digital IDs and stamps. He will demonstrate how file attachments can be used and modified. He will also cover how municipalities can place digital IDs into their Trusted Identities list and properly validate digital signatures. 


Ari Rejtman, Digital Drafting Systems

August 23 @ 14:10
14:10 — 15:10 (1h)

Security & Compliance