Software, hardware, data and experience are converging in a way we haven’t seen before. The growth of sensors and cloud data has led to an explosion of equipment which can provide streaming information from the physical world to the digital world. This growing sector is creating innovation in how we interact with the world around us. The question is where does one even get involved? Well, software and hardware developers can rejoice to know that there is a path forward. It is pretty simple to get started with Internet of Things (IoT) projects, whether it is a wearable device, digital twins, data analytics or other application. This talk will guide you through the five key things you need for any IoT project, including communicating the concepts to your organization. After this session you will get a clearer and demystified idea of the IoT world so you can get started on your own projects.


Tadeh Hakopian

August 24 @ 09:40
09:40 — 10:40 (1h)

End-to-end Workflows

Advanced, Basic, Intermediate