This session is all about utilizing the customization that can be done within Revu for the entire project lifecycle. It starts with design and the use of custom linetypes that we create (DHW, DCW, gas, hydronic supply/return, etc.) that we can turn over to our estimation team so they can get a scope of the project and provide an accurate price for completion. From there, we can anticipate any additional items that would be a cost to us and our customers or design issues, which helps prevent rework and fees. Lastly, we harness the power of sessions where our entire engineering team can review the design and using the customized toolset provide markups and additional design feedback that helps us eliminate revised submissions, change order fees and finish the project on time and budget.  


Matt Bobb, McClure Company

August 23 @ 13:00
13:00 — 14:00 (1h)

End-to-end Workflows