Whether you’re a Bluebeam beginner or seasoned expert, we all have gaps in our knowledge. This presentation aims to help you fill in those gaps with dozens of quick and easy tips and tricks that you can use in any workflow. After an hour presentation on Bluebeam tips and tricks, two different intermediate users might know 90% of that content, but the 10% they don’t know might be completely different. This presentation aims to help fill in those gaps of any user, no matter their experience level. Rather than a static, predetermined PowerPoint presentation, it will go through these tips live and in real time so you can see them in action and ask questions on the spot. While beginners will gain the most here, intermediate users will benefit as well, and the seasoned experts can learn a few things too.


Liz Larsen, Stewart, Inc.

August 24 @ 09:40
09:40 — 10:40 (1h)

Tips & Tricks

Basic, Intermediate