Bluebeam’s SharePoint integration provides a way for customers to seamlessly access their PDFs within SharePoint Online using Revu and Bluebeam Cloud. During this session, three overviews will be provided.

The first overview covers the installation of the SharePoint integration from the SharePoint Global Administrator perspective. Attendees will be shown the current documentation provided for installing the Bluebeam SharePoint integration app. We will highlight the improvements made with the current integration as a “one to many” server-side solution. This is a much more efficient process because IT Administrators no longer need to perform any client-side configuration of the integration.

The second overview demonstrates the workflow of opening PDFs in Revu from a SharePoint Online document library using Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This will cover how files are checked out, edited and checked back in with Revu. It will also be noted that the Bluebeam integration now supports Modern and legacy Authentication.

The third overview will cover how files are imported into a Bluebeam Cloud project from SharePoint Online. This segment will cover the integration setup within Bluebeam Cloud and how documents are published within the space. The emphasis of this demo is to show customers how Bluebeam provides a simple viable field solution for accessing PDFs stored in SharePoint Online out in the field.

After attending this session, a customer will have a good understanding of the steps involved to set up Bluebeam’s SharePoint integration, how it works and its benefits for their day-to-day business strategies.


Duane Morris, Bluebeam Inc.

August 24 @ 11:00
11:00 — 12:00 (1h)

Security & Compliance

Advanced, Intermediate